Valleypoint Campsite: Experiencing Baguio with a Mountain Valley View

December 02, 2019

Located atop a mountain with the perfect mountain view, this place can be your new favorite place to stay in when you next visit Baguio.

Location: Santo Tomas Road, Tuba, Benguet
Contact Details: 092644381623
Facebook Page: Valleypoint Campsite

Valleypoint is a campground and event center situated in the mountain valleys of Tuba in Benguet, Philippines. What's unique about the place is that it has the not only a campground, but rooms for big groups, a camper's area, restaurant, activity area where you can experience to play Archery and Airsoft, and it has a gallery inside its premises called Kullaaw Art Gallery.


This place offers a tent accommodation for the following rates:

1 Pax/Solo Traveler — ₱1,350.00
2 Pax — ₱1,250.00 per head
3 Pax — ₱1,000.00 per head
4 Pax — ₱850.00 per head

Standard Check-in Time: 2PM
Standard Check-out Time: 11:30AM
Early Check-in: ₱500.00/Tent (8am-11:30am)
Late Check-out: ₱500.00/Tent (11:30am-2:30pm)

Tent Glamping Accommodation
You may see that it is a bit pricey compared to your usual camping experience but this price also includes the following:
— Mattress and Storage Area
— Pillow and Blanket
— Guest Kit (Inclusive of Shampoo, Soap, and Toothpaste, Toothbrush)
— Free Breakfast and Unlimited Coffee
— Free Parking
— 1 Free Activity (Your choice of Airsoft or Archery)
— Access to camper's area, board and card games, books and art gallery
— 35%-65% discount in restaurant and campsite activities
If your concern is the common comfort room, there is a separate comfort room for the male and female guests that has its own shower room and toilet.

If you are not comfortable staying in a tent, you may opt to stay in their room which can accommodate a group of 4, 6 and 10 Pax.

The rate is ₱750.00 per head.
This room has the same inclusion of the tent accommodation with the same activities that you can enjoy. 
Another pointer that you may have to remember, their room accommodation is open to be shared with other groups if in any case you have not reached the number of pax needed to maximize the room's capacity. If you wish to have your room to yourselves, you may need to have to pay for the excess. Rooms that has 6 and 10 Pax capacity has its own charging station, private curtain and personal lights.

The rate is ₱950.00 per head.
Capacity: Minimum of 5 Pax and Maximum of 8-10 Pax
As for the inclusion, it has the same inclusion as the tent accommodation but with additional inclusion of the following:
— 2 Queen Size Double Beds
— Complimentary Water
— Complimentary Choco Drink
— Electric Kettle
— TV with USB
— Individual curtain
— Personal Lights
— Charging station
— Own comfort room
— Individual Towel

For the room where we stayed in, its a two queen size double bed big enough for each couple to stay in each bed. The room is spacious enough to have your own siesta time whenever you feel like having a good time with friends.

1. Camper's Area
This place is what I consider the common area of the campground, located at the top of the main building, you will be able to enjoy the view of the mountain valley, feel the breeze and enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

This area is where you can enjoy a nice time playing card games and/or board games, the perfect spot if you wish to enjoy a good read as the place has different books for guest to enjoy.
If you're looking for a charging station, you may use the outlets located on this room.

2. Kullaaw Art Gallery
This art gallery is located near the parking area. It's mostly closed but if you wish to visit and see what's inside, you may ask the staff to have it opened for viewing.
Kullaw Art Gallery

3. Archery
This activity has long been listed on my bucket list and I am so happy I finally crossed it off! At the archery area, they have a staff that will teach you how to hold and use a bow and arrow. Out of all the activities, this one is my favorite one.

4. Airsoft
Boyfriend's personal favorite is this activity. They will teach you how to use and hold the gun properly and aim on the targets. The guns are a bit too heavy for a small girl like me, but still a fun experience you can consider.

5. Dine at their Restaurant
The main building of the campground is where the restaurant is located. They serve different Filipino and American dishes that is not too pricey for a traveler on a budget. This is where they also serve the breakfast and unlimited coffee.

Buttered Garlic Shrimp and Lechon Kawali 

Breakfast that is included in the room booking.

If you wish to book the place, you may send them a message on their Facebook Page or text the number provided.
The information needed to proceed would be the following:
Number of guest/s
Contact #
Date of arrival
Date of departure
You may also contact them at:
Contact number: 0908-109-7663 & 0926-443-1623

— When we visited this place, we drove using our own car and just input on the waze the name of the place. Fastest way to go to Baguio is passing by NLEX and  SCTEX, straight to TPLEX exiting Pozorrubio. The place is located on your right side and you will find a sign when looking for the place.

— From Manila, ride a bus heading to Baguio and ask the driver/conductor to drop you off at Green Valley by Petron Station as a landmark.
— Ride a taxi and tell the driver that you are heading to Santo Tomas checkpoint.
— Or find a jeepney that will passby Santo Tomas checkpoint.
— Once in the checkpoint, inform the guards that you have a reservation with Valleypoint campsite to let you pass.


— To get around Baguio from Valleypoint, you may need to wait for a cab to passby the place and take you to the nearest tourist destinations in Baguio such as Burnham Park, Tam-awan Village, The Mansion, etc.

— If you're up for an adventure. You may ask around on how to get from one place to the other. We suggest that you rather take a cab to not get lost.

Here are some other details that you'll need to consider when booking and staying at this place.
1. Toiletries are provided when you booked a room or a tent.
2. Bring mosquito repellent for extra protection.
3. The charging station is also located at the Camper's Area.
4. Bringing of outside food is prohibited at the premises except for chips and water.
5. Breakfast is served from 8AM-10AM on weekdays and 7AM-9AM on weekends.
6. Cash payment only.
7. There is no ATM nearby so always keep some cash with you.
8. No Wi-Fi connection on the area, but there's signal when using your mobile data. Works for both Smart and Globe users.
9. Smoking of cigarettes or vapes is not allowed.
10. Lights off at 9:30PM and curfew starts at 10PM on weekdays and 11PM on weekends.\

Boyfriend and I were happy we were able to enjoy this place on a weekday. Fewer people and we almost got to enjoy the place to ourselves. We're grateful to Valleypoint Campsite and Sir Jhaypee for invitiny us to stay in their little piece of haven.

I guess this is everything that you need to know when booking this place. Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to comment on this post or send me a message. I will gladly reply to you.

For now, I hope that I was able to help you guys in choosing on where to stay in Baguio.

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