The Perfect Airbnb Staycation Place in Eastwood City

November 12, 2019

"A home away from home."

Going on Airbnb and booking different staycation has become my new hobby. I have all of these places saved on my account if in any case, I decided to go on a spontaneous trip like this one.

Jet and I would always go on trips almost every month, and for this one, we wanted to just stay in the metro, have some alone time and do some wine night over a game of monopoly and movie. And thankfully we have found the perfect place!

This spacious one-bedroom unit in Le Grand Tower 3 is perfect for all the couples who want some alone time, or the perfect hangout place for your next barkada celebration, or how about the family time you've been wanting to have.

For an overnight stay for two persons, we were able to book this place for  3,154.00 inclusive of the cleaning fee and service fee already. Thankfully, we have all of these Airbnb credits that we got this room for FREE! If you want to book this place and get an additional 1,600.00 discount on your booking, I have the perfect solution for you. Click [this] for details.


This place has an amazing view of the city since it seems like a Penthouse. Corner-area gives you the perfect lighting of the whole room during the day, and during the night, the most romantic room I've seen in Eastwood so far. 

As you enter the room, you will be welcomed by the living room with a huge television wherein Netflix and Youtube, and Wifi are available at your disposal. A bluebook that is basically your guide in everything about the room. It's like a handbook that would tell you everything you need to know - like where to look for things, switches and alike. The sofa is a convertible sofa bed. 

It has it's own kitchen, however you cannot cook in the place, but you buy some food since it's in the center of Eastwood. It has a table for dining and some coffee and candies you can eat. 

The bedroom has it's own television too, with a queen-size bed that is perfect for a couple. It has cabinet for your things if in any case, you want to stay for more than a night. There's some drawer where the bath towels are located, an office table if in any case, you wanna work on something. 

The bathroom is located inside the bedroom with a toilet and a shower room. What I love about this place is that the heater is also available, and the placing of everything is well-thought off. 

The whole place is really clean, bug-free and spacious for a group of 4 people.

  • PARKING:  This place doesn't have its own parking area, however, it is exactly located beside a mall so you can park your car in that area. However, the parking will be very expensive as you will be paying ₱50 for 3 hours, an additional ₱10 per hour if you're parked on the 4th and 5th floor. Plus overnight parking fee of ₱150. In total, we paid about ₱650.00 just for parking alone. That is  24hours of parking. 
  • CHECKING-IN: There is a reception at the lobby where you will need to present your ID (Booker's ID) and you will need to log-in. It is self-check-in, so they will give you a safe with the keys of the unit. The staff will assist you in going to the room.
  • THE BLUE BOOK (Guide Book): In the bluebook, you will find the details of everything. Like what's the password of the wifi, which remote to use to access Netflix, how to use the cable, where to find the bath towels, and what time is the garbage collection. 
  • POOL IS AVAILABLE: Make sure you bring your own clothes as the pool area is available on the lower floor. 


  1. Make sure you have an existing account in Airbnb if not, you can click the link above to register.
  2. Click [here] for the listing. 
  3. Just input the date on the app when you wanna book the room, and how many persons will be staying in the room. Please take note that if you have more people coming in, the higher the price of the room will be.
  4. Just check-out and pay via Credit Card. Don't worry, it is 100% Safe.
  5. Wait for Sally, the host, to confirm your reservation.
  6. Once your booking is confirmed, you are good to go! 

Sample computation of the room for 2 Pax. The price will increase depending on the number of Pax and during Weekdays. 

  • The perfect place for a couple's private time. If you're looking for a quiet time with your partner and family, this is one of the places I'd totally recommend. 
  • The view of the room and the ambiance of the whole place gives romantic vibes. Plus everything is neat, tidy and organized. 
  • Malls, restaurants, and other places are available as soon as you stepped out of the tower. 
  • Fast Wifi Connection, Netflix and Youtube available - yes!
  • The place is designed perfectly for relaxation. 
  • The host is very accommodating. 
Basically, this is everything you need to know about Sally's place. And yes, we totally recommend booking this place for your next staycation! 

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