Social Media Is So Depressing

October 04, 2019

Photo by Jet Santillan

Same as the other entries I have on this blog, I am just writing whatever it is that goes inside my head as I typed a word on this page. 

The truth is I have come to realize that social media, specifically Facebook is one of the major contributors to my anxiety. Whenever I am using it, it triggers something dark inside me and it eats me up alive. Then I am back again to square one where I would need to fight my own thoughts just to survive another day.

Almost a week of no Facebook and I have come to a realization that it doesn't make any difference. I don't use Facebook for days and decided to use Instagram to upload stories, Twitter to share my thoughts, 9GAG for my daily dosage of memes, Pinterest for inspiration. You can not use Facebook and still talk to people. I have decided to deactivate my Facebook but keep my Messenger as I mostly communicate with everyone on that app.

The thing is, everything you see on Facebook is complete utter BS.

People having fun all the time, going places, celebrating life, sharing photos and stories how happy they are and how their life is full of sunshine and rainbows but in reality, we're all sad little souls trying to find the genuine happiness and purpose in life. I am not gonna lie, I share photos of my trips because surely I had  fun when I was there, I had a shit amount of happiness as I experienced different adventures but the truth is - I am busting my savings, I have not to be picky on where to eat, sleep or get my transportation for as long as it will bring me to my destination. It is not all fun. It is me sacrificing other things so I could experience a moment of happiness.

People sharing quotes, memes and other depressing stuff that makes you think that your life isn't that great, or your partner isn't showering you enough attention, or your friends having the time of their life without you. I'll tell you what - BULLSHIT.

Your life is fine as it is. You don't need to travel as often as other people do. You don't need to force your partner to surprise you, buy you all that stuff, treat you this way and shit. Being single does not make you miserable. Being a dropout does not mean you'll never be successful. Choosing to do other stuff and delay graduating is okay. Completely changing careers does not mean that you wasted your life forcing yourself to do one thing and ended up doing another. Your friends getting married and having kids does not mean your life is not on the right path. You don't need to force yourself to get involved with anyone just because everybody is doing it.

Photo by Jet Santillan


You need to stop thinking that other people are having it way better than you do. You are in charge of your own happiness, your own success and your own life. If you think your life sucks, then change it. If you think you're unhappy, do something that will make you feel alive. Go out of your comfort zone and try something different this time.

Because the truth is not everything you see in social media is real. The reality of one person's life does not summarize nor give you the gist of what they are going through, what they had to go through just to be at the top of their game. And what they had to sacrifice just to be happy.

Your life isn't that bad. It's okay to be sad, it's okay to feel envious but I hope you don't let those evil thoughts get the best of you. You are better than the depressing posts you shared on your social media. You are better than the crippling thoughts you're having when you see other people get it better.

Just stop.
You're not miserable.
You're just lost.

And if you feel like what you needed to do to find yourself again is to disconnect then do it. Say goodbye to your social media account, read a book, grab a cup of coffee, see your friends, visit your family, walk your dog just do it differently today.

Who knows? Maybe disconnecting to the online world is what you need in order to reconnect with yourself.

This post is a simple reminder to me to take it easy.
I wrote it with the intention of that - a self-reminder, that whenever I am feeling lost I can look at this entry and reread everything until I can convince myself to keep going again.
But I hope that somehow, I can convince you to keep going. 

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