₱1470 Baguio Staycation for TWO at The Wanderlust Haven, Baguio

October 27, 2019

Photo from Archiyah.com

We've been going out often lately and Baguio has been one of the places we kept coming back to so here's one of the places where we stayed during our Baguio Trip.

The Wanderlust Haven is strategically located in the center point of Baguio wherein every place you wanted to go to from tourist destinations, restaurants, and activity spots is basically around the corner. Navigating Baguio while staying at this place is easier.

Exact Location: Unit 208, Athena Tower III, Dominican Hill Road, Baguio City

Photo from Archiyah.com

This one-bedroom place can accommodate 1-7 pax. With one queen size bed and one pull out bed, a sofa that is basically a sofa bed which has it's own pull out bed too. A nice bar table, a kitchen behind it and a restroom that is divided into two for the toilet room and shower room.


During our stay, it's just me and my boyfriend so the whole room is really big for us two. But surely, we loved that they have a comfortable L-shaped sofa bed and television right in front of it. But I did bring my own laptop, so we were able to enjoy a nice movie as we drink some wine before we end our tiring day. Should you want to watch a movie on the television, you can also bring your own hard drive or USB as it is conveniently has a port for it.

This place is available through Airbnb. Here's where you can book it: [click here]
You can just simply download the app and book the place. And another thing, you can use my registration code should this be your first time using the app. This will give you ₱1600 Discount on your first Airbnb Booking (Amount minimum is ₱3500) 

You can register [here] to get the ₱1600 Discount. 

Here is a sample computation of the place should you want to book it for two persons:
The cleaning fee and service fee is basically an additional charge for maintenance of the place. 

Sample price computation for TWO PAX.


Here is some list of reasons why we will recommend to book this place should you want to visit Baguio very soon: 
  1. Location: Since it is very near the tourist spot, and as soon as you go outside the building you can walk to one destination to the other, or take a cab, or just simply use a jeepney to navigate the city.
  2. Free Parking: Should you want to bring your own car, they have free parking spaces however it is still not guaranteed as there are other Airbnb rooms in the building. But most often than not, we think that there are parking spaces for you. 
  3. Affordability: Although there are cheaper places you can book through Airbnb, the perks of this place is you got the whole room to yourself and you don't need to share it with anyone.
  4. Wi-Fi Availability: Mobile signals are really not available in this place, however, the place has its own wifi that is fast enough to browse and watch Netflix while you're there.


More photos of the place:


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