Tsokolateria in Baguio, A Haven for Choco Batirol

September 28, 2019

This long-overdue blog about my Tsokolateria food tripping is finally here!

I know for sure that most of you guys have been to one of their branches already, but for you guys who haven't been to Tsokolateria, this is my food guide as to what you need to try and order for your next visit!

Tsokolateria Baguio is located in Igorot Stairs, Upper Session Road. This place is walking distance from SM Baguio so if you're already around the area, might as well have lunch or dinner at this cozy place. They are open from 10am-10pm every day.

On my first Baguio Blog that was posted on Facebook last 2017, I have already included this place as to one of your must-visit. Aside from the perfect cold weather of Baguio, the perfect way to enjoy it is with good company, great food and of course a cup of hot chocolate on your hand. Yes! Life!

So without further ado, here's our food spread during our stay:

Our table is filled with all of their 2019 Best Sellers. From the famous hot chocolate to champorado, and all those mouth-watering food you are about to see as you scroll down through this blog.


We tried two of their famous hot chocolate, the Tsokolate Ah and Tsokolate Eh. The difference between the two is that the Tsokolate EH is a thick hot cholate while the other one, Tsokolate AH is the diluted or watered down hot chocolate. Both hot drinks is priced at Php190.00 (Good for two serving)

Tablea Champorado - Php 220.00 Solo and Php 395.00 Double

This Tablea Champorado is cooked the old fashioned way served with adobo flakes and crispy fish chips and dude, believe me when I say this, it is to die for! I am a sucker for champorado, and I like my champorado this way. For only Php220.00 for solo serving or Php395.00 for double serving, you get the most amazing champorado of your Baguio stay.

Longganisa Fundido  - Php 365.00

Aside from the champorado, my second favorite and Jet's too is this appetizer called Longganisa Fundido. It's Baguio longganisang hubad with caramelized onions, cacao bits, local cheese and tomatoes. For the price of Php365.00 this is good for 2-3 persons serving and it's very sulit!

Banana, Peanut Butter, Casuy and Chocnut - Php 295.00 
Okay. I'm not gonna lie, at this moment I am craving for this waffle. I can still remember the taste of the food and how balance everything is in one plate. I am not a fan of peanuts, but dude, if you're a sucker for waffle, I will definitely recommend this one!

I mean seriously tho, look at that beauty. So enticing and it feels like it's staring right back at me and telling me to go eat it up. Ughhh. Can't wait to go back for this.

Remember that everything in this blog is the Tsokolateria best sellers, so if I say try it. Just best believe me that YOU SHOULD TRY IT. With this Bibingka Pancake Souffle, you will get to enjoy a mouthful Calamansi and Lemon flavor perfectly paired with honey and chocolate.

As for the ambiance of the place, it was very cozy and very family-friendly. You can definitely bring your friends and loved ones to and enjoy a nice meal together.


I love their presentation of the food as it was served in palayok, and wooden plates. You can definitely feel the Filipino vibes in the whole table and place. I'd like to believe that every detail put on your table is well thought of, in which the restaurant is trying to give their guests the Filipino hospitality when it comes to dining. 


For its price, I would like to say that it is worth it. Most likely, two persons would be spending Php700.00-Php1,000.00 to be able to enjoy a nice lumpsious meal when they visit Tsokolateria. Not bad as you will be getting a really good set of meals. I can definitely say that when you're dining at Tsokolateria, you're not just paying for the food, the service, the ambiance but the whole experience. Put it all together, you get to complete your perfect Baguio visit.

If you want to see more snaps from our stay at Tsokolateria, feel free to scroll for more photos. 

Jet and I would like to give thanks to Ms. Senyo Asistin for arranging our visit at this branch and Ms. Maritonie and Erwin for accommodating us dung our visit. It was a very pleasant dining experience, and we're definitely coming back for more. 


This blog is done with partnership with Tsokolateria and Jet Santillan of Ready, Jet, Whoa.
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