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July 07, 2019

We all want to travel but traveling is never cheap, but it can be if you're smart enough to find ways on how to cut your expenses and your girl right here is always the one you can count on when it comes to Tipid Tips.

My last trip in Glamping Etc. Philippines was booked via Airbnb, and instead of paying Php 4, 346.65 pesos I only paid Php 2,746.65 for a One Night stay at their Mufli King room. 

For a two person room with the most amazing view of the lake, the sunset and the sunrise, this is a small price to pay and that Php1,600.00 discount sure did help me save some cash! 

Here on the left is the actual screenshot of the receipt of my trip. You can actually get book this room for a cheaper price if it's not holiday or weekend. The price of the room usually starts at Php2,900.00 + Cleaning fee + Service Fee. But with the Php1,600.00 you don't have to worry about the extra charges!

So without further a due, here's the details on how you can get that Php1,600.00 Discount!

STEP 1: Register using [THIS LINK].
This is the referral registration wherein you will be able to get a total of Php2,200.00 Discount Credits if you register using my link. If you just go to the website, you wouldn't get any discount, so might as well just use a referral code.

The reason why it's Php2,200 is because on your first booking Php1,600.00 will be deducted on your total bill, and the remaining Php600.00 can be used for an experience booking, meaning any activities available on the app. 

Disclaimer: This will only work if your account is NEW.


STEP 2: Click Sign Up
You can continue with Facebook or Email. Whichever you feel comfortable using.

STEP 3: Check your Email for Confirmation
You will need to validate your account by clicking the link that will be provided to you by Airbnb. 

STEP 4: Registration Complete
Upon validating your account, you will be redirected on a new page and it will say that your registration is complete and that you have received the Php1,600.00 Credits. 

Please take note of the following:
1. This is applicable to all NEW Accounts only.
2. The Php1,600.00 Credit can be used on your FIRST Booking only.
3. The credit expires on after one year from the date of the signup.
4. The first booking must have a total of Php3,500.00
5. Your first booking can be anywhere in the world for as long as it is listed on Airbnb. 


Where can I use this? 
You may download the app on your mobile phone. It is available to all IOS and Android Users. 
App Name: Airbnb 
You can also visit their website 

How can I book my first stay? 
When you already have the app, just fill in the needed information such as Location + Check-in and Check-Out Dates + Number of Pax. Then fill free to browse on Airbnb for your dream staycation. 

Is it safe to book my stay in Airbnb?
Definitely! You can always check the details of the host (the owner of the place) and you can always check the reviews of the place from their former clients. 

How do I pay for my booking? 
A card is required to book your stay in Airbnb. However, in my case, I only used my GCash card which I got for only Php150.00. It works like a debit card and can be used when purchasing online. If your booking is rush, and a sure one, you can always contact the host and ask if you can arrange the payment upon check-in. This is how I did it in my Baguio Staycation, however no guarantee that the discount will be credited.

Can I get referral discounts too? 
Of course, you can! Just share your own referral link to your friends and they will start to get Php800.00 credits for every successful booking. Yes, they have to book and take the trip for you to be able to get the credits. But this is the best way to help other people save, and for you to get more credits and save on your next trip!


I think this is all you need to know about this Tipid Tips, but if you have other questions feel free to comment on this post or you can send me a private message on all of my social media accounts. 

And if you are looking for a place to stay, you may want to check out my blogs about my own Airbnb staycation experience:

Thank you so much guys for reading this post, and I hope that I get to help you save some cash. 
Check out my social media handles to know more about my life, trips, and tips. 

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