Glamping Etc Philippines at Lake Lumot for a Weekend Getaway | A Travel Guide

June 13, 2019

Last weekend, we went to a quick getaway in Lake Lumot. We didn't know that there is actually a lot of places that you can book to stay near Caliraya, and we found this place called Glamping Etc. that is owned by this very accommodating Indian couple. 


Glamping Etc is strategically located at the heart of Lake Lumot wherein you can actually see both the sunset and the sunrise from your room. This place has three (3) dome rooms for a maximum of 3 pax, and triangle room with two queen beds that can accommodate 3-5 pax and it is available through Airbnb for Php 2,900.00 to Php 4,000.00 per room per night. 

If you wanted to go as a group, you may want to book their Attic which is called Phirbi Darling that fits 12 Pax and costs Php500.00 per head.. You may ask them through their Facebook Page because it is not yet listed on their Airbnb account. 

This price might seem very expensive for some, but when you checked the places that you can stay in at Caliraya, you would find that this one is actually very affordable. 

Triangle Room is good for 3-5 Pax and costs Php 4,000.00 per room per night. 

Dome Mufli King costs Php 3,500.00 

The inside of the Dome Room
We booked the Dome Mufli King room which basically means Devil's Luck. This is a queen size room with a small table and two chairs in it. The room opens to the view of the magnificent lake where you can witness the sunrise. When you wanted to see the sunset, you just go out of your room and see it unfold right before your eyes. 

The rest of their rooms are available in Airbnb. Just check Radhika's listing to see which room would suit you best. Any room is perfect as it has it's own view of the lake and would surely have a good time. 

Queen size bed for Dome Room

As of the moment, the only source of electricity on the island is the solar-powered electric fan and light with chargers in it. They don't have air-conditioned rooms, so if you are a picky traveler I would not suggest visiting this place just yet. They are working on the air-conditioning already so it will probably be available soon. During the day, it is really hot inside the rooms, but very refreshing just outside. You'll have those camping chairs with you so you get to just enjoy the view outside. During the night at this time, it is very humid and for me who doesn't sweat much is just okay. I would suggest bringing your own portable fan if you have it. The one that costs about 150-500Php. 

There are available comfort rooms just outside your room. I think each room has one comfort room so you wouldn't need to worry about washing yourself up. They will also provide a Guest Kit that includes one shampoo, one soap, and one toothpaste. The towels will also be provided at your convenience. 

When you booked the room through Airbnb, you will be receiving a message of confirmation containing the details you need to know about the place. They will also mention the list of food you can order for lunch and dinner that you can order ahead of time. Some of it includes Chicken Sisig, Fried Tilapia, Noodle Basket, Soupy Noodles, Corned Beef, Chopsuey for Php 200.00 a plate and comes with rice. And you may also try to order their Indian food called Chicken Tikka Masala and Chicken Biriyani for Php 250.00 that is available if the owners are in the island. 

They also offer alcoholic beverages from beer, vodka, gin to wine. You just have to ask and they can see if what you are looking for is available. We had a bottle of wine for only Php600.00 and it surely made everything perfect for our stargazing night. 

For your breakfast, you wouldn't have to worry about it as it is already included in your room reservation. Just go to the restaurant and they'll be serving you a good breakfast and a cup of coffee. 


  1. BY CAR: We took our own car going to Lake Lumot Port Terminal (What you will put in the Waze) and from there you will take a boat ride that cost Php 700.00 for the whole boat, back and forth. Just tell the boat guy that you are going to Glamping Etc.
  2. BY BUS from CUBAO: Go to Cubao Bus station, you may ride the HM Transport Bus or any bus going Pagsawitan for Php 150.00. The ride will last for 2 hours and it leaves hourly. Then, at Pagsawitan terminal, take a 3- to 5- minute ride to a tricycle or a jeepney with a signboard "Lumot" . From Lumot terminal, find Kuya Ray, you may reach him through his cell, 0919 806 2849. Make sure to arrive before 6PM since this is the usual last trip going to resorts in Caliraya. 


This place is basically the best place to visit if you wanted to have a quiet weekend away from the busy streets of Manila. It is very peaceful as you would only hear the sound of the birds chirping and the wind blowing.

During the day you can take a walk at the property. It is a bit big and they have amazing view of the whole lake. You can do kayaking for free. Just let the caretakers know. You can also bring your own mats and just place it anywhere and enjoy the summer breeze. 

Rent this inflatable flamingo for only Php50.00 per per
At night you can buy a glass of wine at the reception area, or bottle to drink and just stargaze. It feels so refreshing to look at the stars, while the bonfire is lit and a glass of wine in your hand. Trust me, what a perfect evening would it be. 

Aside from stargazing, I think one of the most perfect views is the sunset. You can see just how beautiful  God's creation is. How it mesmerizing the view just standing right there. The feeling of watching a beautiful sunset gives me the reason to be alive and to keep on fighting. Don't you just find it beautiful? To have witnessed something so beautiful and so real, it makes you feel grateful for everything? 

The owners also offer the following:
  • Bonfire: Php200.00 (You guys can share the bonfire with everyone who booked a room if they are friendly or you can have a private bonfire for yourselves)
  • Shisha Session: Php 200.00 per hour 
  • Inflatable Flamingo and Boat: Php 50.00 per hour, per person 
  • If you also want to do a quiet lakeside wedding, team building, hen night and stag night, feel free to message the Facebook Page as they are very responsive on it. 

Basically when you visit this place, just expect to have a very laid back weekend. There is a good signal for both Globe and Smart networks if you want to update people. But we'll suggest that you guys keep your phone on airplane mode so you can be one with nature. Perfect for destressing and unwinding. 

If you have any questions about the place, just drop a comment or send me a message on Facebook and I'll gladly answer each and every one of them!

Also, some great news you can book your first Airbnb stay and get Php 1,600.00 discount by signing up [here.]

For now here are some more photos we took during our stay at Glamping Etc. We hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do. 

This blog is done in collaboration with Jet Santillan of Ready, Jet, Whoa.
Check out his page and view some amazing photos. 
Instagram: @jetsantillan

Photo credit to Jet for all the drone shots and my portraits. ♥

Special thanks to Radhika and Anoop for welcoming us to their humble place. Our stay has been memorable because of their hospitality. We couldn't be more grateful. ♥


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