95 Pesos Brow Pencil: Ra&Gowoori Auto Eyebrow Pencil Review

January 23, 2019

It has been so long since I posted a product review, and I am back again with a new product that I've got from Saeyu Philippines/Ra&Gowoori Cosmetics.

Ra&Gowoori Auto Eyebrow Pencil comes in two colors, Dark Brown and Light Brown. Tho these two differ only a little in color.  As of now I am currently using the Dark Brown shade because of my natural black-brown hair.

1. Application — when it comes to the application of this product, a little goes a long way.  The texture is a bit sticky and smudgy but it is what makes the product blendable. When applying, make sure to draw the shape of your brows lightly as the product can actually blend and fill everything else easily.

2. Packaging — the auto pencil is retractable thus you will not need a sharpener for it. You can use it any time, anywhere.  It also comes with a spoolie which makes it perfect to draw that on fleek brows.

3. Longevity — I tried wearing this product for a whole day without retouching it and so far, 14 hours at the office and on the commute I could say that my brows are still on point.  I also tried to use it while swimming, I did not expect anything from it really but I am happy that it does not get washed off easily unless you decided to dry your face with a towel.

4. Price — for its price I could say that it is very affordable and you would actually get your money's worth.

I liked the product. As I am actually used to using a pencil on my brow, I can say that this is somethig that I can use everyday all day. Since a little goes a long way, I'd recommend getting this product and trying it for yourself.

Best partner with this product is a brow mascara. I am currently using the Maybelline Volume Msscara to seal the deal.  This one is perfect for every natural black haired girls

You may join the group Saeyu Philippines. We have nanay angels that would cater all the korean skin care and cosmetics that you'll need in the country. They also held a lot of giveaways in that group so don't miss that.
Facebook Page: Ra & Gowoori Cosmetics
Instagram: @keeponsmyleeng

And please mention that you saw the product on my blog. 💗

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