4 Important Life Lessons I Have Learned as I Turned 24

November 13, 2018

Last year, I wrote an article about the things I've learned before I turned 23. Last October 30, I just turned 24 and I promised you guys that I'll be posting another article about life lessons I have learned the hard way. Don't get me wrong, I know I am still young and I am still learning but I think it is important for everyone of us to evaluate our life, our actions, our decisions because admit it or not, it will affect our future big time.

So as the day passes by, I have learned a lot of things and here are FOUR IMPORTANT LIFE LESSONS I have learned as I turned 24:

1. Stop giving a fuck. 

  • Have you read the book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fck by Mark Manson? If not, you really have to. If you don't have enough money to buy the book, send me an email or Facebook message and I'll be happy to send you my E-book copy. This is because this book is every millennial's life guide. 
  • For a second, I want you to think and evaluate how many times have you given a fuck about the smallest things in your life and how that small thing ruin your mood, and worse made you do a stupid thing. I want you to think hard how that decision affected your life just because you did or say something just because you gave a fuck. And now, I want you to try to imagine how it  would have ended if you did not give a fuck because that thing is inevitable, or because your friend is really stupid and would not listen to you and your advises. Many times, we have given a fuck about everyone and anything just because we thought that it matters when in fact, it does not. 
  • I used to be a hot-headed person, meaning I get irritated and annoyed at the smallest things possible. I am not good at waiting. I am not good at trying to understand why people caused me inconvenience but as I grew older I have learned that I could have spend that time getting mad over little things doing greater things instead. I have learned that what I need is to think first and ask myself this question before freaking out - "Will this affect me 24 hours from now? A month from now? A year from now? Will this matter to me tomorrow?" If the answer is no, then I just shrug it off and ignore. This way I get to conserve my energy, focus on more important things and people. And this way, I had more better days ahead of me. 
2. All of Your Liabilities Must Go. 
  • By definition, liabilities are a person or a thing whose presence or behavior is likely to cause embarrassment or put one at a disadvantage
  • When I say liabilities, I am not just talking about those in your balance sheet but I am talking about those people who's intention is to not do any good to you. There are a lot of toxic people in our lives that we cannot let go of just because they could be our friends, family, classmates, workmates, roommates and we can't seem to ignore them even if they do more harm than good to us. These people has to go. You have to let them go because if you're not losing toxic people in your life, then honey you just keep on bagging that negativity on your shoulders. And if it seems like you're life is not getting any better no matter how hard you try, it is because you're still holding on to this liability.
  • That liability could also be your lover. Imagine being in a toxic relationship where you couldn't do the things that you love because your partner would get mad. You can't hang out with your friends because she/he will get jealous. You can't come to the company outing because he/she has trust issues. So to satisfy and please your partner you just give in and gave up your freedom and submitted it all to him/her. That my friend is a toxic relationship. Let go. Because when you're with the right person he/she will understand that you have a life outside of him/her. 

3. Your own happiness is a good investment.
  • Never had I spend so much money on things I love and makes me happy until this year. I don't know how much money I've spend on food, on my travels, on beer and wine, and on the things that can make me happy. But did I regret it? No. No, I did not regret any of it. Because I have come to realize that if these things can make me happy, then it is a money well spent. If I could satisfy my beach cravings without hurting my savings, then it is a money well spent. If I could buy me that bed so I could sleep better at night without getting so much money out of my savings, then it is again a money will spent. 
  • If I can spend money giving gifts to other people, treating them on fancy restaurants just to make them feel important and happy, then spending money on myself is so much more like an investment because I get to keep myself happy and contented without looking and depending for that happiness on other people. 
  • To be honest, loving oneself meant discovering what it is to love about you. And sometimes, it also meant spending money experimenting if things could make you happy. If partying with a different crowd every night can make you happy at that time then do it, because eventually you'll learn yourself if that can be a part of you. I am not saying you bust your savings to discover more things about you, but at least learn to spend more on yourself than spending more on other people. Trust me, it is worth it. 
4. In a world where you could be anything, be kind. 
  • You could have possibly heard about this quotes a million times, or read it a hundred times but if there's one things I would tell you that I have learned the hard way, it is to be kind. 
  • Be kind to people around you because everyone is struggling, and it is always feels good to know that there are still good people in the world, and I hope that you could be one. 
  • Most of all, be kind to yourself. I know that this is the time of our life that it seems like this is confusing and you might be questioning your own existence, but I hope that you could give yourself a break from all that doubts and anxieties. I hope that you could give yourself a try to experiment, explore and find what else there is for you. I want you to put yourself first, I want you to not doubt yourself, I want you to stop comparing yourself to other people. Because if at this point in time and you still haven't found that love within you, then we'll need to work on that. Because everything gets better when you know your value, and you love yourself. 
I know these life lessons aren't much, but when you try to actually evaluate your life and change it as how I view mine, then you could possibly learn that life is not easy but it can be how you choose it to be. And if there's anything in the world that you have, it is the freedom to choose. To choose to be happy, to choose to be yourself, and to choose to be free. And I hope after reading this article, you will try to follow them and choose yourself. In the end, everything starts with you. 

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  1. Yeah no yeah. Life is truly a mystery. No matter what, choosing what makes us happy is dawei.
    For a young chic like Ann, i must say na she is really way too deep in life na compared saken haha


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