Fragments #2: Stars

October 08, 2018

Talisayen, Zambales Chasing Sunsets | Photo by my good boss Sydneylyn Tan
This is my favorite part of this trip, the star gazing. You get to witness the beauty of the universe and how vastly rich it is with a show of shooting stars.
Can you just imagine, that in this world with so much beauty in it, the universe decided to let me know a bit part of you. Can you imagine that out of all the billions of people in the world, the universe decided that you and me should meet in time where everything is perfectly complicated. Where I am done with life, and you are waiting for the right person. I hope that someday the universe would decide to let me keep you, and hopefully for a very long time, I get to see more of its beauty with you by my side. But for now, let me drown in the moment as I take a mental picture of what's in front of me and then someday I'll tell you this story of how I made a wish in the shooting star to get that genuine happiness I have been looking for.

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