Fragments #1: Addicted

October 07, 2018

Talisayen Beach, Zambales
It's 1:44pm. The sun is out, the wind is blowing off as I feel its breeze on my whole body as I lay down this makeshift chair made of wood. I am trying to gaze down what a wonderful weekend this is. The perfect escape from the busy city life. Exactly what I needed even though I just came from a trip almost two weeks ago.
There is something about the ocean that makes me crave for it more and more. Maybe it is the peace and quiet that I get whenever I hear the sound of the ocean, imagining how my body would feel as I float and examines its beauty.
There is something about the beach that keeps my soul at ease. It gives me that kind of peace which will keep me sane for a few more days before I crave for another trip. Sometimes this feels like an addiction to me. I crave for it as I crave for a cup of coffee every morning. I needed every bit and ounce of it to function. And without it, I feel like I couldn't keep my shit together.
Is it bad? To be addicted to nature? To be hungry for more adventures and to be able to set put on all the beautiful places this world had to offer?
Would you call this an addiction if this would keep my demons on a lie-low as I think of ways to live my life? And if it is, I would love to be high on it. Hand me a handful of trips like this, and I'll drown myself in the beauty of what I think is mesmerizing and intoxicating.

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