Time Travel with Filling Station Bar Cafe

March 02, 2018

Anyone here a big fan of Riverdale and their famous Pop Tate's? Lately, a lot of bar-restaurant has been opening left and right with a different theme that caters a different variety of creative mind but did you know that this cafe exists since December 20, 1994?

Amazed at the location and the decoration of this bar cafe, my friend Ian and I decided to try the Filling Station before we head out to our hotel when we had our staycation in Makati. 

I have been hearing a lot about this place, but I never really had the interest to visit one as I am still a fan of the rustic vintage color of life. I'd prefer a coffee shop with a cabin like style over this, and of course, I have known that this kind of thematic cafe comes with a price, and it's a lot of $$$.

LOCATION // How to Get There
Exact Address: 5012 P Burgos, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila
Store Hours: Open 24 Hours
Phone: (02) 897 2053
Website: http://www.fillingstation.com.ph
Accepts Reservation

This bar cafe is strategically located in the heart of the busy streets of Makati. Alongside this bar cafe are restaurants with the same neon lights signages where you can take photos during the night. Travel to and from this place is easy as you can always book a ride on your Uber or Grab app. Or if you feel like exploring, you could take a good walk around the area and explore what's Makati has to offer. 

If you feel like going on an adventure, you can take the MRT going to Ayala Station and from there you can either walk for 19 minutes, ride a cab and get there in approximately 11 minutes. Traveling in a cab would cost you more but of course, you are paying for the convenience. 

 Follow this map to be guided:

THE THEME: 50's Diner in an American Style Setting
A little bit of history of this bar cafe, the restaurant is the brainchild of an ex-US navy chief cook who decided not to move back to the US when the base contract was not renewed. He resolved to put up a place similar to the diners in the 50's in the United States complete with posters from that era, an oil barrel, and 50's type working telephones, 50's type radios, television sets and movies. (Description can be found on their website)

To complete the 50s feels, this place was decorated with vintage posters, gasoline station signs, old telephones, old vinyl, a full-size statue of Elvis Presley and all of that 50s stuff you could think of. One of my favorites is this old Juke Box that has legit songs written on it. Ian and I wondered why this era ended? It would have been cool to still live in an era where creativity is very much celebrated. 

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To complete the feels, this restaurant serves the typical American cuisine like burger and fries, milkshakes, steak, pizza, and pasta. Creative enough, each dishes were named after famous cars and oil companies. 
Vanilla Milkshake Php280.00

During our stay, we ordered the famous Midget Burgers (Php 428.00)  and Vanilla Milkshake (Php 280.00) for Ian, and the Camaro (Php 558.00) or the baby back ribs with corn kernels and fries on the side, and my never-ending love for coffee - I ordered the Ice Cafe Mocha (Php 165.00). 

Midget Burgers Php 428.00

Camaro Php 558.00
The presentation of the food is the usual American food plating, nothing special but either a really small burgers that live its name, and/or a half slab of ribs of my Camaro. The serving is actually big enough for two persons per meal, thus we weren't able to finish the whole meal in one sitting. We decided to take it with us and eat it at the hotel. 

Fancied the uniforms of the service crew, everyone in the restaurant surely dressed up in a 50s theme. I love how they incorporated the 50s in their uniform, both for the servers, chefs, and bartenders. I actually felt like this one completes your trip to travel back in time.

Aside from the fancy uniforms, they also excel in quality customer service. The waitress is very attentive, the Supervisor (I assume) are very friendly and would let us take a photo around the restaurant. Luckily we went around 3-4pm where there is few number of guests so we're able to take good photos.

If you ever dropped by during rush hour, please consider that there would be a lot of customers at the restaurant and the servers might not accommodate your needs immediately as they are serving a lot of tables. (Please make this as a common courtesy in all of the restaurants that you'll visit)

You can also make a reservation by calling their landline or going directly to their Booky Link. You might be able to strike a promo if you're lucky.

Just wanna share with you more photos we took:

Isn't this place Instagram-worthy? Visit Filling Station Bar Cafe and let us know your thoughts and experience. I would love to share and discuss with you guys your views and opinion on this place.

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