Vigan - Laoag - Pagudpud Tour Experience | A 2D1N Itinerary with 4,000 Pesos Budget

January 20, 2018

Pagudpud Rock Formation
This post is long overdue, and I would like to apologize for being inactive (again) for the past couple of months. I have been trying so hard to get my shit together and hopefully, this year would be a lot different from my past. Hoping to post at least one blog entry per week, and that's four blogs a month! Again, commitment!

So for today, I'd like to share with you guys my trip to Ilocos. I would like to warn you about this post, there would be a lot of photos of me and my adventure on this blog. I'd like to share with you as many photos as I could so you can actually see how much I enjoyed this trip.

To start off, this was a spontaneous trip. We didn't plan it. I didn't even know I'd be spending my long weekend in Ilocos not until the night before the trip. We were supposed to go to Batangas just to unwind before my friend leaves for his job. He's a seaman, so we wanted to spend as much time together. Before you get it all wrong I would like to clarify that he's just a friend, and nothing more than that. We ended up looking for a new place in DIY Travels after knowing that the accommodation that we were supposed to stay in is fully booked for that weekend. Luckily, we found a joiner trip with Just go and learn.

Quirino Bridge, Caoayan, Ilocos Sur
Perks of being a joiner? You wouldn't need to worry about a single thing about your tour. That is if you're lucky to be put in a group wherein the tour coordinator is very hands-on and knows what he/she's doing. To be honest, this was my first joiner trip and I actually hoped for the worst. I've read horror stories about joiner tour, and I am so lucky that my first one is a good one.

So the itinerary that I'll be giving you is the one that is provided by Just Go and Learn. They have several trips up North and South if you wanted to try them, the coordinator Ms. Jelyn is very kind and approachable. She made sure we're comfortable in our sits and made us feel like we are not alone on this tour. We had solo travelers in our group and she sure did make her feel welcome. 


This is the sample itinerary provided by Just Go and Learn.
We did try our best to follow the itinerary, but at some point of the tour, you would really need to adjust because of the time that everyone is taking. Imagine everyone in your group is waiting for their turn to take a good photo without any extras in the background. That is what happened to us, it was a lot of fun even though we arrived in Manila at 2am in the morning the next day. It was worth it.


Bell Tower
During the whole trip, I only have my iPhone 6 Plus with me to take photos of my adventure. Everything that will be posted on this blog is purely taken by a mobile phone and edited using my Snapseed app.

We started our tour by visiting the famous Bell Tower. Pro Tip: They are selling t-shirts here that's 180Pesos for 2 Shirts. It's just a plain white cotton tees but the quality is more than what you'd expect for a 90 pesos shirt. Probably one of the best pasalubong that you could get. You can also check out another souvenier store along the way, they have price control in Ilocos so the price are all the same.

My first kalesa ride.
This trip was very memorable for me since it has been my long dream to visit Ilocos. My family can afford to travel when I was a kid but we never did. Thankful for all the school field trips I get to visit the National Museum when I was a kid. My parents weren't the outgoing type. They prefer to work and stay at home that travels for hours. Aside from being an introvert, my Dad is very strict. I wasn't allowed to do a lot of things when I was growing up and that includes riding a kalesa. I'm 23 years old, and it is my first time to ride one. It was fun!

Calle Crisologo
Deer Feeding in Baluarte Zoo

Safari Museum
The Museum tour was great, and the deer feeding experience was amazing. Another first for me, and definitely not the last.

Back of Paoay Church
A little fun fact about me: I don't categorize myself in any religion. I have learned that religion divides people because of the misunderstanding on what's written in the bible. Two years ago, I decided to just consider myself as an agnostic. I simply believe that I do good, then good things will follow.

Sand Dunes Experience

The best part of the tour is my well spent 560 Pesos for the 4x4 Sand Dunes drive-ride experience. I like things that would give me an instant adrenaline rush. I like it when I feel my stomach going round - it actually makes me feel alive. So went I found out that this experience wasn't part of the tour and we have to pay for our contributions, we instantly give it a go! We're in the location, why not give it a go?

The ride cost 2,500 Pesos for a group of 5. Since we're only 9 in our group, we have divided two rides with a total of 5,000 to 9 persons. Pro tip: Always go in a group of 5 when you wanted to experience this ride. Contributions are cheaper, and of course, the more the merrier!
No. I don't smoke. I just think it will look cool posing for a photo like this. Hahaha

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Chasing Sunset in Ilocos
One of the best things you'll look forward to in trips like this is the sunset. I suggest that you visit the Sand Dunes at 4pm so when you're riding you'll be able to be surrounded by the pink and purple sky. Everything is so beautiful that day, and if I could show you guys the video, I would! (I'll try to edit the video and share it some other time)

While you're there you might want to try sandboarding. I think this one is already included in the fee of 2,500 Pesos. This would be the last activity that you can do in Laoag Sand Dunes. At first it was scary, but when you get the hang of it, you'll truly enjoy it! 

After the Sand Dunes, we are already very tired from a day of the long drive and traveling, we had to rest and we are finally ending our day 1 after this adventure.


Saud Beach

Saud Beach

Saud Beach
Since your baby girl is a beach baby, I forced myself to wake up early so we could have a morning dip at the beach nearby. The place that we're staying in is just five minutes walk away from Saud Beach. Too bad the wave is a bit wild that day, I wasn't able to enjoy it that much. But photo ops wouldn't hurt, right? So I just took my time and my friend's time taking good photos at the beach.

Also, I suggest that you'd be careful at this beach. The wave is really wide, the water is full of rocks under it and you would definitely hurt yourself when you're dragged by the water current.

Patapat Bridge
Also included in our itinerary is to drop by at Patapat Bridge for some photo opportunity. Seems like every car that would pass by this bridge would stop for a few minutes to take their time to enjoy the view. The view is mesmerizing. It is really beautiful, and views like this would make you thankful for having to witness the nature's beauty.

Bangui Windmills // Top from Fashion Lounge Cavite

Bangui Windmills // Top from Fashion Lounge Cavite
Next stop is the Bangui Windmills. One of the top tourist spots to see in Ilocos and a one that you shouldn't miss out. There's also a beach in the area with wild waves and cold summer breeze that would try to steal some kisses on your skin. Lucky for us it was a great day in Ilocos, the sun was up and the weather is perfect. We had our lunch with the view of the windmills and the beach. The food wasn't good, but the view is worth it.

On the way to Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, you can rent a horse for 100 pesos.
You'd be in awe when you saw how beautiful this place it. I don't regret enjoying the view and looking at it than spending time taking some photos. We were already in a hurry since we'll be going back to Manila later that night to I took the time to just enjoy it.

My first ever horse ride!
I paid 100 Pesos to ride the horse going to Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. You can also walk if you wanted to, but I would never pass on this opportunity. Another 100 pesos well spent for one unforgettable experience!

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
 When you get to the rock formation, you'd be in love with the place! Everything looks surreal and beautiful and breathtaking! I cannot even explain how beautiful this place is.

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
I will not oversell this place. You just have to be there to see the beauty of it. You just have to be there to be mesmerize with life. Everything looks surreal, everything looks like you're not in the Philippines. You just have to be there and see it for yourself. 

After the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, we headed down to Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. I am not a fan of the lighthouse. You can just see the view of the Rock Formation and the Windwill there. The summer breeze could also be one reason to see this, but wasn't the best one for me. Also, I am already tired from all the adventure I had the other day and that day. I just wanted it to end. End it with a nice coffee and a very comfortable bed. Well, of course it would take another 7 hours van ride before I could get it but everything is worth it. When you're enjoying things, everything will be worth it. 

Just Go and Learn with all the Joiners for Ilocandia Tour 
As you can see I spend almost 4,000 Pesos for this tour. As much as I wanted to limit my spending, your girl gotta eat and experience life that is why I always make sure to allot some budget for any entertainment expenses, food and souvenir to at least have something to remember the place I visited. 

I would highly suggest to try and join a group tour instead of doing a DIY. The expenses would not be that much, you're already following an itinerary, and you get to meet new friends. Who knows, maybe you could find your forever in one of these tours. 

So that's about my Ilocandia Tour Experience. I hope that this blog entry has been able to give you a gist of how much it cost to travel 3 places in 2 days, and I hope that I could inspire you to go far as you can, as often as you can.

If you have any place you wanted me to visit and blog about, you can comment down below or just send me a message. Let's see, maybe it's already in my Travel Plans :) 

That's all for this week, visit this blog again soon!

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