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January 03, 2018

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Hello, 2018! Anyone here looking forward for 2018? I know everyone had an awful but unforgettable 2017. It has been rough and painful but look at us now! Cheers to everyone who experienced depression from the recent years. we made it! I hope you guys still continue to be strong. 

For today's post, I have promised you that I'll be sharing my 2018 New Year's Resolution because I am so happy with the outcome of my 2017. I have been able to do 7 out of 10 Resolutions I set for myself. 

To everyone who's curious about these things, and why people like me would even write one here's why. I treat my New Year Resolution as my guide for the entire year. I wrote here all the positive things and all everything I feel like would help me improve in the long run may it be physically, mentally, spiritually or financially. I wanted to be equipped for what the future would bring, so I would write one yearly and make it my long term goal. 

Don't worry if you wouldn't be able to do everything, if you can't do it this year maybe you can try again next year. The key is to never stop trying. You try, and you try until you're brave and strong enough to make it. 

So without further ado, here's my New Year's Resolution for 2018.

1. Be fit and healthy. 
  • I already tried to be fit last year, I did however made myself gain weight by drinking nonstop for four months I think. I also gain fats along the way and that is what I will try to get rid this year. And hopefully, have that beach body this summer. 
2. Read when you can't have a conversation. 
  • I'm trying to lessen my mobile fidgeting and trying to lessen my habit on relying too much on my phone. So for now, I will try to read as many books as I can. I'll learn more at the same time I'll be smarter. For this year's motto includes #SmarterEveryday
3. Save. Save. And save
  • I am not getting any younger, and I have my dream house to built. I am not one of those girls who would wait for their prince to offer them a castle because I wanted to be my own queen who owns her own castle. That's why I am trying to be committed to my saving plans this year. I will share it with you along the way, so we'll all be financially stable in the future. 
4. Invest. 
  • I have learned the importance of investment last year so this year most of the money that I'll save will go directly to my investments. I have already accumulated one last year which is my Sun Life VUL so this year I am trying different kinds of investment. Like Cardi B said, "I make money move." I will get there, in time. For now, baby steps are very important. 
5. Track your life. 
  • This year's motto includes "Smile, so the whole world will smile at you." Trying to keep things positive this year so I would want to start my own Jar of Life. Everyday I will list down the things on how my day ended. Am I happy, am I sad, am I angry. I'll track it down so by the end of this year, I'll know how my whole year went. And I am hoping that it will end well. More positivity, because we shouldn't be bringing these negativity from our past. 

6. Drink more, worry less.
  • Drinking doesn't mean that I'll need to drink more beer and wine. It can also mean I'll drink more water everyday. But who am I kidding? Beer and wine is always better. But nothing beats the coffee in the morning. So I'd like to use it as a tool to enjoy life. May it be good or bad, I wanted to be ready and happy so I decided to worry less this year.
7. Travel far. Travel often. 
  • Since I have a job that pays, and still give me time to spend my weekend away from home. I am looking forward to more travel trips this year. Last year was a blast, and I promised myself that this year, it would be grand. So I am saving some cash for my future, my investment and my travel plans. Because I deserve this.
8. Volunteer. Share. 
  • Do good things that matters, that is what's written on my 2017 planner and I plan to bring it this year. I wanted to do more good things and share. So this year, I'd like to be involve in society's events. Donations are good, but giving the less fortunate your time is something your heart would be happy for. Trust me. 
9. Make time to your family and friends. 
  • For everyone who know me would tell you how much I suck at online communication. I can't spend hours chatting with my friends. I am the type of friend whom you wouldn't need to talk to everyday to be able to feel my love. You needed to see me and feel my presence to feel how precious of a friend am I. But this year, I will try my best to at least make some call to reach my friends and family. I will try to organize more outings and night outs so I could socialize with everyone important in my life. And if I wouldn't be able to do it, please drop by at my house. You guys know that my doors are open any time of the day for as long as you have food in your hand. 
10. YES is the word of the year. 
  • This year, I am giving myself the chance to be open to all of the opportunities that may come along the way. I wanted to explore more things beyond my capabilities and discover more things about myself and the only way to do that is to say yes to every possible opportunities. I would like to practice being committed to everything that I'll do. I wanted to do the things that will make me happy, help me improve personally and make me a better person. So this year, I'll be looking forward to giving my best, and working only for the best. 
Bad things has to happen for me to realize that I needed these resolutions to make myself better. That is why I am sharing it to you and to everyone, so you guys would get an idea on what to do to be stronger, better and bolder. 

I hope that this post has been able to at last give you an idea on how to start your year off, or at least gave you something to look forward to. 

Here's to a cheerful and fun-filled adventure ahead of us. Here's to 2018! May this year be as fruitful and amazing as everyone's smile. ♥

Till my next blog, thank you for reading!

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