[Review] Taobao-Lazada Ulzzang Wig

October 21, 2017

Left side is the product photo from Lazada Page, Right photo is the actual one that I am wearing

Hi, everyone! It has been a long while since I have been very busy with life. As you guys all know, I just got myself a new job, and surprisingly I truly enjoy my job that is why I've been so focused on it right now. But enough about it, because I am back with a new review!

As you guys all know, Lazada has launched its partnership with Taobao. For everyone who doesn't know what Taobao is, it is an online shop based in China which caters a wide variety of products from clothes, accessories, home needs and even beauty needs! I've been wanting to buy some wigs, but buying from Taobao directly is expensive because of the shipping plus the customs taxes. I swear, it wasn't easy! But thankfully, now Lazada features some Taobao products!

I don't wanna bore you with more words about it, so let's start talking about the product!

Screenshot photo of the product posted in Lazada. 

I have been browsing Lazada and been looking for the right wig to order. Since this is very new, I had to take a long shot in the dark to see if its another "Reality vs. Expectation" series of Lazada. I was a little nervous, but boy I am so surprised!

The packaging is very neat! Look at the box and look how beautiful the wig looks sitting in that box! I instantly fell in love with how the packaging looks like. It looks so beautiful!

The package comes with a manual on how to take care of the wig. It is in Chinese characters so I don't really understand any of it, but thankfully, I can understand what the photos are trying to tell me. Hahaha!
This is what's inside the package. A manual, the wig and a wig cap. 

Look how lovely the wig looks!

Yes, hon! That is a realistic scalp on a wig! Looking so damn real!

I.  CAN NOT. CONTAIN. THE. HAPPINESS! It looks so beautiful!!! 
Okay you guys, because I show you guys more photos on how it looks on me, here's my review on the product. 

Get it [here.]
💘 Price: I got the wig for only 629.00 Pesos because I get to use a code from Lazada. You can download the app and see what's the new code. It is usually 8% to 10% off with a minimum purchase of 1,000Php-2,000Php depending on the promo. I also ordered another wig but sadly, the other wig hasn't arrived yet, and I don't know why but I will surely make another review for it. 

💘 Waiting Time: I ordered the wig last October 14, 2017. Lazada has this feature wherein they will show you the estimated date of arrival of your order. Mine says October 21-26, 2017 and they weren't lying about it. I received it today October 21, 2017! 7 Days of waiting. THAT IS FAST! 

💘 Availability: I am so happy that it comes with Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery!  I didn't even need to worry about the tax because the price covers it! Thank you so much, Lazada! 

💘 Expectation vs Reality:  Honey, I am telling you that I didn't expect this kind of quality for this wig. I am actually prepared to get disappointed, but no! To my surprise, it exceeded my expectations! 

💘 Wig Quality: The wig looks so beautiful and can actually be worn on photo shoots. The scalp is so perfect, the length of the bangs are the perfect length, the waves and the curls are in the right amount of volume that you wouldn't need to curl it so it would look natural. The color is more of an Ash Blue-ish Gray with a darker shade of blue on the tips. 

💘 Tangledness: Since I am very particular on how to take good care of a wig, I could say that this wig is of high quality because I could brush it with my fingers without worrying that I might get it tangled or some strands would fall off. 

We have this term in the cosplay community that when the wig's strands fall off too easily, we call it "cancerous" because of how much strands came off whenever you try to brush it. And it didn't have that effect! It looks so beautiful, so natural and so affordable!

💘 Would I recommend this product? 
Hell, yes I would! 

I am actually making another purchase and buying myself two more wigs to add to my collection. This is the least I can do to reward myself after a long day at work. Momma needs some spoiling too, and one of those spoiling activities are shopping! 

If you guys are planning on getting a wig like this, I suggest you go to Lazada now and cart those wigs! You deserve it! 

Is this review helpful? If you guys have any questions, feel free to leave it in the comment section and I'll try my best to answer it as soon as possible!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this post of mine helps you! 

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  1. Hello. :) Did you pay for the full amount (of the two wigs) even if only one wig was first delivered? Or would the delivery man collect the payment partially based on which item was first delivered?

    Thank you! :)

    1. I only paid for the wig that arrived that day. And by the way, my lace front wig has arrived earlier this week so I'll be posting it any time soon!

    2. Yay, thank you for replying. Btw, I'm excited for another wig review. :)

  2. Hi! Did you order both wigs at the same time? And did they come from same seller or not? I just ordered mine and i'm not sure if they'll arrive separated as well tho I'm quite sure they're from the same shop.