[Review] Beauty Creations' Angel Glow Palette

September 16, 2017

Hi, everyone! It has been awhile since my last product review and today, I will be sharing with you girls my thoughts on the Beauty Creations' Angel Glow Highlighting Palette. I have it pre-ordered in the US by one of my beautiful cosmetic providers. If in any case, you wanted to check it out, it is available on this [link.]

The first time I have heard of this brand is when I was looking for a dupe of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. Luckily, dupediaries have already posted a review on the Beauty Creations Irresistible Palette. Apparently, this brand makes a lot of beautiful cosmetics, very pigmented ones but also very affordable.

A closer look of the Beauty Creations' Angel Glow Palette.
This product retails at 14.99USD or 750 Pesos. Cruelty-free and weighs 12g, and that's about 3g per color of the highlighter. I am actually expecting that this palette is a little bigger, or would at least be the same packaging size of the ABH Glow Kit. Yes, I am a sucker for dupes because I am still saving some money for the real one.

Looking at this palette, it looks really beautiful. The packaging looks very presentable although I would rather love a palette when it has a minimal design on its packaging. The product doesn't have a good scent and smells like chemicals when you try to actually smell it from the pan. But upon application, you really can't smell anything. Maybe it is also because of the packaging glue or something.

The photo above is the swatch of the product. I am actually amazed by how pigmented it was and it doesn't have any fall outs! My Tarte Swamp Queen Palette has a single highlighter, the color is good, the pigmentation is good but the fall out worries me. It feels like I am wasting so much product when I used a brush to apply it. By the way, I touched the pan very lightly and a lot of product came off on my finger. Just look at that!

First layer swatch of the Beauty Creations' Angel Glow Palette

Oh my God, just look how pigmented that product is! I just literally transferred it from my finger to my arms, and just swatched it! The consistency is amazing because as you can see, all of the product works very well with the very minimal amount of it.

After second layer product application. 
For my girls who wanted to be always extra, I tried doing a second layer swatch for you all so you could see how thick, pigmented and amazing this product is! Glow up, my girls!  This product is sure highlights calling out for the gods!

Blendability test.
After the second layer swatch, I tried to see if the product would blend well. I waited few minutes to see if it will actually blend and just look at that! It blends perfectly well! I think I have already fallen for it!

For all you girls out there who don't know me well, I am a sucker for highlighters. I highlight on a daily basis, even if it meant I would just go grocery shopping. If I would put on makeup, I'll never leave without my highlighter.

Beauty Creations' Angel Glow Palette 


  • Pricing - Since this product cost 750 Pesos only, I would say that this is a steal. It is like you are only paying 62.50 Pesos (1.25usd) per gram, and I think that's very cheap! And look how the product works, and how pigmented it is, I would definitely give this a 5/5.

  • Packaging & Scent - Again, the packaging is very elegant, looks really beautiful and doesn't come with an awful smell! I just expected that it would be a little bigger so I think I'd give it a 4/5.
  • Pigmentation - Again, it is very pigmented and doesn't have any fall outs! It works very well either with a brush or just your finger. Another 5/5 for me.
  • Blendability - This product is totally blendable. It doesn't get dry easily and doesn't stick to your skin. Definitely very easy to work with it, at the same time give you the best results!
  • Longevity - I am amazed by this product because it does not only make me glow, it lasted for about half a day on my face. Compared to other highlighters that I've used including my Tarte Palette,  this one last longer.

I don't think you needed this one because I have already said it all. I love this product. I love everything about it. It exceeded my expectations on a highlighter, and this one is totally better than the highlighter that comes with my Tarte Swamp Queen Palette. I am amazed by its performance, and this one would totally go on my favorite list! 

Would I recommend this product? 5/5 hon, I'd definitely recommend it! 

If ever you decided to try it, give me your thoughts about it and that's it for now! 

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