Ten years from now, would I still want to be in the same position where I am in right now?

August 09, 2017

Photo by Eric DC of Eyestrain Portraits

   Maybe you've heard of the other version of this question to your interviewer. "How do you see yourself in five/ten years?" Whenever you think of an answer to this question, your main goal is to be able to impress the interviewer with your answer. So you tell them, "Five/Ten years from now, I will be a supervisor/manager in this company." And you tell yourself, "Yes, this is the answer to this questions." But for me, it is more than just a question and answer. This question is more than just what I wanted my interviewer and employer to believe. This very question is my everyday guide to life. Because of the answer to this very question is what I dream for myself and the goal that I set for myself.

   Every day, I would ask myself this question and the answer to it would always depend on my mood for that day. Usually, my anxieties attack me whenever I couldn't think of a right answer to this question, and even if I did I still have the following question to answer to be able to be satisfied. "I want to have my own house, my own car, and a very successful business. I want to create my own empire, and I want to be financially stable. I want to be able to inspire more people and I want to save more people." Yes, it would always start with the word want.

    To be able to get what we WANT we have to NEED it. Yes, need it. Because when you needed it, you became committed. It is not just a want for you, it is something that you needed to do to be able to get what you want. You want to graduate, then you need to pass your exams. You want a decent job, then you need to be professional. You want to have a good relationship with someone, then you need to be able to understand a person, trust a person, and love a person. 

  But let's not get lose sight of our topic, ten years from now, would you be happy if you are in the same position you are in right now? I believe that your answer to this question is no. No, I wanted a better job, a better house, a nicer car, and we all want a better life. But did you do anything to be able to do better? Did you work harder to be able to be promoted? Did you save more money so you would have financial stability in the future? Did you take good care of your things so you wouldn't need to replace them or have them repaired soon?

You reap what you sow.

  Whatever you decided to do today will determine your tomorrow. You wanted a degree in culinary, you have to enroll yourself. You wanted to speak Nihongo, you needed to read a dictionary, enroll yourself in a class or online courses, and then you get to learn how to speak another language. What you wanted to happen tomorrow, will be the cause of what you did today. If you did good, you will get good results, if you did bad then you will get bad results, and sometimes worse. So I want you to think of what will you do today to be able to have a better tomorrow. You work hard on your job, you work hard on your relationships, and you work hard for yourself to be better. 

Be a better version of you every day. 
  If there's one thing I'd tell myself every day, it is to be a better version of me every single day. No, I do not strive to be better than anyone else, I am not putting myself in a competition with other people, but I would always challenge myself to do better today. Better than what I did yesterday. I do this for a reason that if I ever get myself in a competition with other people, it would just put negativity in my head, and jealousy in my heart. I will get insecure if other people would do better than what I did. I will get frustrated because someone else is better than me. I don't want that. I just wanted to be myself, and I want myself to be better at everything that I do. So, I will always challenge myself, do this and do that. Learn this and learn that. Because in the end, my achievements will be a big part of me, and I would really be proud of what I am ten years from now is a better version of me ten years ago. 
Photo by Eric DC of Eyestrain Portraits

Ten years from now, I want to be happy. Genuinely happy.

   I will be honest with you all, above all these things, I just want to be happy. Genuinely happy. I wanted to be able to die with nothing but a grateful heart and a clear mind. I wake up every single day doing things for my future hoping that someday it will be fruitful and will give me a brighter future. This is what society and our parents taught us. We were told to study harder so when we graduate we will get a better paying job. We were told to work hard so we will be able to provide a better life for our family. But let me ask you this question, did anyone tell you to do something that will make you happy? My Mom and Dad taught me a lot of things, but none of it was how to be happy. We work so hard every day to be better at something, believing that when we became better, have more money than we could spend, then we will be happy. But does that really make you genuinely happy? Without a pause, without thinking, in a heartbeat, can you really tell yourself that you could not ask anything more than what you have and what you are right now? 

  Why would I want to be happy? Because being happy meant being contented. Being happy meant being yourself. Being happy meant that you have done great things in life, and you become more than just a footprint in the sand. Being happy meant you have seen the brighter side of life. I wanted to work hard every day so that someday, I will be genuinely happy, without a pause and in a heartbeat, I would be able to tell myself that "Hey, I am happy on where I am standing right now."

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