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July 21, 2017

Looking for a quick getaway and a 3-4hr drive from Manila? Today, I would like to share with you my experience in Masasa Beach, Tingloy. Batangas. 

Masasa Beach is currently one of those beaches in the Philippines that has recently went viral due to its crystal clear water, white sand beaches, and the fact that it is haven't been commercialized yet. 

Talaga Port
Photo from Masasa Beach Facebook Page

Photo from Masasa Beach Facebook Page

1. If you are coming from MANILA - ride a bus from Cubao or any bus station that passes the Batangas Grand Terminal. From here take a jeep going to Mabini and ask the driver to drop you off at ANILAO PORT. 

2. If you are coming from MANILA but using a private car. You may just use waze to guide on your trip going to Talaga Port. You can leave your car there but I believe that there is a fee. 

The boat ride will cost P65-P80 [the rate changes without prior notice] from Tingloy you would need to take a tricycle going to Masasa Beach - P15 per person. 

Boat to Masasa is available from 9am-3pm.
Masasa to Port boats are available from 7am-2:30pm
Take note that boat rides timeline may change due to weather or boat availability.

Manila-Batangas Grand Terminal via BUS : P157-P180
Batangas Grand Terminal - Mabini via JEEP: P37
Mabini Talaga Port-Tingloy via BOAT: P65-P80
Tingloy to Masasa via TRICYCLE: P15
Environmental Fee- P30
The view from the port.

If you are worrying on where to stay in Masasa, there is a lot of transient houses there that is hosted bu the locals. You can rent a room or rent the whole house for yourself or your group. The locals are very hospitable and very helpful to everyone's inquiries. They will usually provide you with everything that you need. 

Mikki Sison - 0917.922.1088
Rates: P250-P350 per person per night 

As you can see the rooms are very clean. They provide the mattresses, one pillow per person, blanket and their comfort rooms are very clean. This Inn is right in front of the Tingloy Port so if you decided to stay here, you would need to always ride a tricycle going to Masasa Beach and walk some more to see the beach. 

1. This is one of that developed accommodation in Masasa. The owners are very kind and accommodating and you can learn a lot from them if you decided to have a conversation with them.
2. Right in front of you is the beach, not the Masasa beach but the Tingloy beach. The water is crystal clear, and the sound of the ocean will wake you up in the morning.
3. The view is breathtaking. I am telling you that this is one trip you don' t even wanna miss.
4. They have supplies of electricity, therefore, you wouldn't have to worry about your devices.
5. There is a signal for you to update everyone on social media if you wanted to. 

This is our view from our room. Yes, the summer breeze and the sound of the ocean is really the beach life everyone is dreaming of. Everything feels perfect and right when you are a beach person. 


Another accommodation that you can try is this one. This is BENIE MACUHA KUBO
The rate is P250 per person maximum of 6 pax in one room. The room is small, but they have electricity here and also the bathroom is separate in the room where you are staying in.
This one is right infront of Masasa Beach, so you wouldn't need to ride a tricycle everytime you wanted to go to the beach because you are already there. 

There are a lot of things that you can do here in Masasa. Here's the some things I listed for you:
1. Camping - before you can actually stay here overnight but due to some irresponsible tourist who did not take good care of the beach, they decided that every tourist should rather stay in a transient house. But you can camp by the beach until 7PM. 

2. Snorkeling - since the water is really clear, a lot of fish swims in the ocean and you can see it. You can also pay for the snorkeling devices by renting one for only P100.

3. Island hopping - you can rent a boat to have your group tour around the beach. They have different beaches in masasa like the Sumbrero Beach. Ask the boat men for rates and they will give you a very reasonable price. 

4. Trekking and Rock Formation - The island is really big that you can go trek and see the rock formation. You will be amazed on how the nature creates such beautiful sceneries.  

This is the trail you're gonna passed by when you walked from the tricycle terminal going to Masasa Beach

The view that will greet you when you reach the beach, except that there are more people in the beach now.

Here's the list of the items that you SHOULD bring in case you decided to go on this trip
  1. Towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and conditioner. 
  2. Camera for selfie addicts like me.
  3. Tent - if in any case, you decided you wanted to go camping. And also because there is no places you could stay on the beach if you are renting a house far from the beach. . 
  4. Sunblock or sunscreens 
  5. Shades, goggles, snorkels - Feel the beach! Dive in! You will surely enjoy the view under water! 
  6. Slippers or shoe that is suited for long walks
  7. Cap or Hats
  8. Speaker 
  9. Flashlight - There's usually no lights on during the night, so I suggest you bring one. 
  10. Powerbanks -  this is in case of emergency.
  11. Trash bags - Please practice the LEAVE NO TRACE when you travel. Let's take good care of the beach, shall we?
  12. Jacket - It is really cold during the night. You don't need any air condition.
  13. Umbrella - It may be too sunny during daytime especially for everyone who'll be staying in transient houses far from the beach.
  14.  Waterproof Bags - better be safe than sorry. 
  15.  Coffee - The perfect way to greet the morning.

If you guys decided to visit the place, please let me know what your thoughts are and share it with us. This is for now, and I hope that you'll still follow me on my next travel adventures.

Watch our travel video here:

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