[Life] How to Never Stop Being Sad

July 02, 2017

This is not a lyric to a song by Dandelion Hands, but what I think you could do to stop being sad. All of these are basically the things I do and think whenever I feel like I am sad, depress or having an anxiety attack. I know that this is not easy. I know that you cannot fight it, but at least you could do something about it.

Before you actually go through all these steps I would want you to think and go through the whole process of feeling everything and nothing all at once. You feel it all, and you feel it real hard so you'd know how to feel alive.

This is because the only way I know how to feel that I am alive is when I feel the feeling of getting lost, being sad and being alone and lonely. Feel it all, because the only way to distinguish the feeling of genuine happiness is when you've gone through all the bs that the life has given you, and the moment that you could tell yourself that life fucks us all.

So here are the things that I would want you to do and think to feel better.

1. Remind yourself that you are worth it.
       I know that this will totally sound like a cliche but trust me, you need to know your worth to be able to put a value into yourself. Believe that you are beautiful, you are smart, you are funny, and definitely one of a kind. If you already know your worth, you wouldn't need to worry about how other people would think and feel about you.

2. Do the things that makes you happy.
      But the problem is, you have done it all. You played basketball, spent time at the coffee shop, read your favorite book for the nth time, had coffee with your friends, but nothing else works out. But I do believe that there is still something in your heart that you wanted to do but never had to do so just because you had your reasons and excuses. My advice? Do it. Do it because you know it will make you happy. Do it because I know that one day, you will only regret the things you didn't do. So get out of that bed, get on your shoes and do it.

3. Travel as far as you can as much as you can.
      If there is one thing that could actually make me feel alive, it is traveling. It is getting out of my comfort zone. It is being some place where no one knows my name, my story and has only seen my face for the first time. This way I get to see the beauty of the world, and the beauty of life. This way I get to realize what I am missing and what I will be missing if I decided to stay still, stagnant and always on my sweat shirts.

4. Eat. And eat. And eat.
     Admit it, food is always something that you can count on. This is that one thing that never fail to make you happy even for a split second. Also, when you're full, you get to think fully of the things you want and the things that makes you happy. If there is one advice that I would give you about food and money, it is to never ever be a cheapskate when it comes to good food. Die full, and die happy.

5. Never depend your happiness on one person.
     Trust me when I say this, but don't you ever be with anyone just because they make you happy. Love is not something that you will always receive. Love is when you feel like giving other people your time and effort just so you could see them smile. Love is when you want to always give, but never expect to receive anything in return. And please always remember that nothing is permanent, everything is temporary, even the existence of that person in your life is temporary. One day, one of you has to go and you just gotta be ready when that time comes.

"You don't need other people to drive your loneliness, you just needed a way to talk it out."

One day, someday, I know that loneliness and the dark side will visit you but I just want you to go to this post and read it. I don't care how many times you would need to read it, but I just want you to know that being sad is normal, feeling everything all at once is something that we are all experiencing. But I want you to know that being sad doesn't necessarily mean that you cannot escape it. You can and you will. You will because you can.

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  1. Wow. It's a good one. I can relate on this article. Yeah sadness sucks, but we need to embrace it, for it to let go of us :) have a nice day :)


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