[Review] BeauSkin Invisible Pores Facial Foundation in #33 Natural Beige

May 05, 2017

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my blog! 

I know I've been inactive lately, but I am trying my very best to be productive and start writing again by starting with one of the most talked product in the makeup and beauty community today, the Beau Skin Invisible Pores Facial Foundation. 

Today, I'm sharing with you guys my thoughts about this product and if this is a #BYE or #BUY. 

Let's start! 

Price: ₱300-₱350
Availability: Online / Shopee 
Where did I get mine? See the following link:
Shopee: @themakeuphubph
Korean Beauty Skincare and Products Group: SaeliYuriMelissaLee's All About Korean Cosmetics and Skin Care

Photo courtesy of Google.
 For the past couple of months, I have been seeing this product all over The Makeup Revolution Facebook Group and different makeup group in Facebook. They have been raving about this product so I decided to give this one a try. 

Product Description: 

This product is known as the perfect cover foundation. The vegetable oil ingredients such as avocado oil and olive oil are included to supply moisture and nutrition on the skin and due to fine silicon powder, the foundation completely covers fine lines and pores. This facial foundation lasts for a long time even under sweat and moist. Also, it helps in controlling sebum and helps in the presentation of soft skin.

How to use:

 After using the make-up base, take an appropriate amount of the foundation and apply evenly along the skin texture from the large areas of the face then gently tap of finish.

Photo courtesy of Google.
Sadly, the only available shade as of this time is the #33 Natural Beige. 

This shade may have seem very dark for most Filipina, but the magic happens when you apply this product on your skin and when blended evenly. 

Amazingly, this product actually blends and tone down with your natural skin tone and you would see how this dark shade actually fits you even if you are a shade lighter. 

On the above picture, I have already work with my eyemake up and eyebrows so I would only need to show you guys how I set it with the product. 

Swatch on my skin. I am actually NC30 in Mac Foundation with a combination of oily and dry skin. So this review would best fit the ones I am sharing the same skin type.

On the photo above I have already set my face with the Mumuso Aloe Vera Gel
I let it dry on my face and basically use it as my primer. On this photo, you can actually see that I have a dark under eye and some skin marks. 

Here is the result of my first application of the product. You can see that it lightly covers my mole on that part of my cheek. This product is good for light-medium coverage and for everyday use.

I usually set my face with FS Two Way Cake in Chino. This shade is actually a shade darker than my skin, but I also use Fashion 21 Loose powder for final touches. 

This is the final look of the product when I have already contoured and set my face with the powder foundation. 

For the price, this product is very affordable. 
 ₱300-₱350 is something that most of us can afford right? 

Is this product good for long wearing? Yes! You can wear it for a whole day because it is very light weight and doesn't really make my face look that oily during the day. 

Although this foundation cannot cover a murder, this one does its job by covering most of your face lines and pores and would appear that you have a younger glowing skin. 

Setting with other Products 
Does this product work well with other products when you combine them? With the Ulta Contour Powder Palette, Shawill Loose Powder in Shade #1 (I use for baking) and the FS Two way cake, this one actually works well with it. The setting isn't cakey and actually makes me look fresh.

OVERALL RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

For my overall rating, I can only give this product a 4/5 only just because the shade lighter than Natural Beige is currently not available in the Philippines.  If I get my hands on the other shade and see if it fits me and other ladies who have fair skin tone, and then maybe I could give this one a 5/5. 

You can see anything wrong with the product if we are sharing the same skin type and tone. You might also want to agree with me when I say that this product blends well, make you look fresh and your skin looks glowing. 

I wear it all day and I only have to do a retouch once within 8-10 hours of strolling at the mall, running some errands and going on with my daily life routine. 

Would I recommend this product? 
Definitely! This product is worth every peso and wouldn't disappoint you. Well, at the very least it didn't disappoint me.

Would I buy this product again?
My answer is very much obvious, it is YES! 
I would definitely repurchase this product. 


Have you tried this product yet? Please let us know what you think so our readers could also decide if they should give this a go. 

Thank you guys for reading! I hope that you'll still support me on my upcoming post. ♥ 

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  1. Malaki na po ba yung bottle for 300 pesos? ��

  2. Skin care routine pls!!!!

  3. got 2 bottles of this product. so addicting! kaso nag ooil up ako sa knya. dry skin ako, so i dont know kung ano best foundation sakin, para kasi ako bagong hango sa kawali pag suot ko xa, pero like ko talaga sya kasi swak sa color ko

    1. Have you tried different base or primer sis? Minsan sa primer din nang gagaling ang magic.

    2. Hi. What primer are u using? ��

    3. Hi, Anon! I'm using Aloe Vera Gel as primer. But whenever I am wearing heavy makeup I wear Gowoori Velvety Cream :)


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