Ann and Friends x ViSUAL ArTELiER Keiaveunalliv

May 08, 2017

For today's entry, I wanna share with you guys a photoshoot I did with one of the most amazing photographers I have ever met, and the most wonderful thing about it - the photographer is a SHE. The first woman photographer I've ever met and the most amazing so far. So today, I am sharing with you guys a photo shoot collaboration that Kei Villanueva of ViSUAL ArTELiER Keiaveunalliv.


Ann Salas

This is Majid's first photoshoot and he was very nervous and excited at the same time. But looking at his photos, can you actually tell that it is his first time? Nuh-uh. I don't think so either. 

 While it is Majid's first photoshoot, the Inoy Siblings are actually the veterans when I'll put them in a category. These two aren't twins but works well to build a name as youtube vloggers. They have been modeling for years, posing for camera and actually winning it. 

You might also wanna check out their channel on this links:

Though we may look different, we all know that our differences make us unique in our own ways and which makes us all awesome when we're together. 

If you guys have navigated my blog already, you'll know that Kei was also my photographer with one of the post I did before. Our first photoshoot which happened in Corregidor Island. 

If you want to see it, click this [link].

If you guys wanna work with us, you may view our portfolio on the following links:

Kei Villanueva : PHOTOGRAPHER

Ann Salas : BLOGGER
Facebook Page
Ian Inoy : VLOGGER

Hannah Inoy : VLOGGER

Majid Lopez 

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