40 Pesos Ternate, Cavite Beach Resorts | A Day Tour Guide

May 13, 2017

If you guys are looking for a two-three hour drive escapade away from Manila, why not try the beach resorts in Ternate Cavite? 

Luckily, there are three resorts you could choose from on where to go when the other one is already crowded and the best part? The entrance could be as low as 40 Pesos per person! 

  1. Through Private Vehicle – From Manila, take the Coastal Road (Php24.00 toll fee) going to CAVITEX Expressway (Php64.00). From Kawit Exit, go straight to Rosario, Tanza, Naic, Maragondon and finally Ternate. When you reach the Y-intersection in Barangay Bucana turn right to get to the resort. Easiest way - go ask our friendly app Waze.
  2. Through Public Transportation – Take a bus ride in Coastal Mall (Saulog Bus or Saint Anthony for Php80). From the terminal, ride a tricycle going to the resort (Php50).

Entrance fee (for both Child & Adult):
  • Day trip – 7 AM to 6 PM – Php85.00
  • Overnight – 7PM to 6 AM – Php100.00
  • 23 Hours – 7PM to 6 PM – Php175.00
Recreational Activities:
  • Banana Boat – 1 hour – Php3,500/30 minutes – Php875.00
  • Kayak – 1 hour – Php300.00/30 minutes – Php200.00
  • Aquatrike – 1 hour – Php400.00/30 minutes – Php200.00
  • Speedboat – 1 hour – Php2,600.00/30 minutes – P1,300.00
Contact Number:  09198087483 / 09088627785
Website: www.ternatebeachresort.weebly.com
Address:  Brgy. Bucana, Ternate, Cavite
For Ternate Beach Resorts, the entrance may be really cheap by the accommodation you'd stay in would come really pricey. The best option that you could get is to bring your own tent and pay for the corkage fee of P300.00
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bucana-BEACH-Resort-349619141866836/
Contact Number:0916 460 1742
Address: Brgy. Bucana Ternate, Cavite 4111

Second best choice is the Bucana Beach Resort and the cheapest one there is. The entrance is only P40 pesos but the tent corkage fee is P200.

You could see the rates for their accommodation is on this photo.

The owner is kind enough to let us check the place first before deciding if we'll stay there. Since we are on a budget, we are looking for the best rates that we could score during our stay. 

Check the whole place, and I hope these photos could help you decide which beach resort to get into.

ANGEL & TINAY DALAROY BEACH RESORTSAddress: Ternate, Cavite Mobile Number: 0915 560 2760

This is where we stayed in Cavite, this is where you could get the cheapest tent corkage and probably the cheapest accommodation too. If you are a cheapskate like me, then this is the best choice for you.

Day tour fee is only 50 Pesos and you can stay up to 6PM. We arrived late so I had to ask the nice lady at the information if could stay up until around 7pm-8pm and she nicely says that we could! We took this one because it is the cheapest, we only paid 100Pesos Corkage fee for our tent.

We get to pick which side of the beach we want our tent to be, so we chose the one at the beach front with the nice view of the ocean and the sun touching our skin. 

The view of the beach is amazing. We watched how the sunset and how beautiful it is to see it up close. We saw how the sky touches the sea, and how the sun kissed our skin goodbye before the moon showed us its beauty at night. 

Nothing is more fun for me than spending my day at the beach, looking through a beautiful view of the ocean, trees and if we're lucky, the view of a mountain. Nothing is more rewarding than a day at the ocean, getting a tan skin, and worrying about nothing. 

Most of us deserve that day away from the city. Most of us deserve that day where could just be carefree and worryfree without the thought of what might tomorrow brings, and nothing but the thought of how beautiful life is, and how we are lucky to have seen the beauty of the earth. 

So take that day away from all the toxicity of life, and spend it at the beach. You deserve it. 

Let us know how you enjoyed the place. We love to hear from you about it! 

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  1. very catching ang 40 pesos, pero anu connect nun sa resort? ni sa fare ng tricycle kulng pa po.

    1. Basa po muna bago comment. :) Yung 40pesos ay ENTRANCE FEE po sa resort.

  2. Hi Ann. Thank you for this blog. May I ask, malinis ba yung beaches nila? I want to know kasi we're planning to go and we have kids with us :)

  3. Thank you for sharing this! :D

  4. muka nmn malinis yung area-- that time. kung hindi crowded. bka di na gnun kalinis ngayong summer. But I love the place. I like what you said on the blog it help alot kahit kulang sa photos ng accomodation kung yun ba yung bhay kubo o twin kubo etc. at yung sa rides nmn ok lng khit di mo nasabi yung fare exact bka naka car kayo so ok lng. the best is yung na captured mo yung place.. yung ganda nya at yung price chart nila. thank you! big help.

  5. Hi ask kulang kung saang beach pwede mag stay ng overnyt . salamat po

  6. Hi ask kulang kung saang beach pwede mag stay ng overnyt . salamat po

  7. Malinis ba cr nila ? Magkano cottage and can we do bbq grill and can we bring drinks.


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