[Review] Sweety Plus in Spatax Gray Lenses

March 09, 2017

Hi! I'm back again with a product review of the Sweety Plus in Spatax Gray contact Lenses! This product has been in the market for quite some time now and currently the most popular brand of contact lens in the Philippines when it comes to having the foreigner looking eyes. 

This is the product photo from the website. 

Colors available for Spatax Series.

Luckily, I got to meet a supplier where I could get my hand these lenses on. You can get a pair for only 400.00Php for non-graded and 450.00Php for a graded pair of lenses. This could only last for 6 months but still worth the money! 
GET IT HERE: Serendipity Btq

  💕 Brand Name: Sweety Plus
  💕 Series and Color: Spatax Gray
  💕 Diameter: 14.5mm
  💕 Usage Span: 6 Months 
  💕 Inclusion: Pair of Lens + Cute Lens Cases 

This is the packaging of the Sweety Plus. Looks really cute and look at those cutesy lens case! I love it!

The color and series name could be found on the top of the bottle. Mine says -2.00 which indicates the grade of the lens. Since I am a near-sighted person, I really need a pair of these so I wouldn't need to wear my eye glasses.

The arrow right here is where you are supposed to open the vial. Look for the arrow sign or this sign then pull it up using a scissor, or your hands. 

This is how the lens looks inside the vial. It looks really white but gray in color when you put it in your eyes.

So this is me wearing the lenses. I really love them and love the visibility! 

You'd totally be slaying any make up with this kind of vibrancy! Ughh love it! 


Price: P450/Pair (Graded) | P400/Pair (Non-Gradred) 
Price over quality of this lens, this is a STEAL! Just look at the vibrancy of this contact lens. Although compared to the price of local brands such as Sparkle and Elite, this one surely isn't a waste of money. 

Softness & Comfortability
This is a soft lens which enables me to wear it easier and wear it lighter. You can wear it for 8 straight hours and feel perfectly normal. My eyes don't get easily dried out so I don't need to put eye drops every now and then, so this lens is perfect for a 6 hours wear for me. I get really sleepy when I wear a contact lens for more than 6 hours.

Color & Visibility 
Most contact lenses usually just blend with the color of our eyes, and we'll end up wearing just a darker shade of the actual colors. Even the lightest color in most brands, it wouldn't be as visible as this. So if you are looking for a good vibrancy of these colors, this is a best buy for you.

I wanted to achieve the most natural looking eyes as possible with the same effect of having an authentic gray eyes, so I am going with lenses who's diameter is not more than 14.5mm. This size is perfect for the natural look I want to achieve, and isn't as striking as most lenses that are more than 15mm. 

OVERALL RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I'm giving this product a 5/5 rating because I don't see any cons on wearing them. You can wear it in everyday use or if you want to go glam up. The price is affordable and the quality is amazing.

Would I recommend this product? 
DEFINITELY! Most youtuber are using this lens, and I must agree with them. This pair is really beautiful. 

Would I purchase this product again? 
YES! I'm actually thinking of getting a different color, green or blue maybe? 

That's all for now! I hope that this review of mine would help you in deciding which lenses to buy and which is good for you. If you have any questions, suggestions or products that you'd want me to make a blog about, just message me or drop by at the comment section down below.

Thank you, and see me again next time! 

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