[Review] Crystal Contact Lens in Aquamarine Blue

January 13, 2017

Crystal Contact Lens is a brand that is being catered locally by online sellers. Unfortunately, you can only get a pair of these lenses through either online, bazaars, or  through pop-up stores. These contact lenses are not available in the mall. Crystal Contact Lens are being manufactured in South Korea and KFAD approved.

This pair is available at Serendipity Btq, an online shop I managed in Facebook. Although this is one of the product I sell, I will make sure to post a very honest review on the product.  

The contact lens that I will be reviewing today is the Aquamarine Series in Color Blue. 

This is the actual and product photo of the Aquamarine Series. It is available in colors Brown, Blue, Gray, Green and Turquoise. These lenses are good for a year upon opening of the vial and could last 5 years when stocked inside the vial. 

Above photo is the closest and clearest photo I can take with the front camera of my iPhone. I'm sorry if its a bit too blurry to see the design clearly. I'll update this post once I'm able to take better pictures with my DSLR. 



Price: 280.00 Pesos/Pair 
The inclusion of the package is a pair of contact lenses, and the free contact lens case. The solution is not included in the package however, you may order a small solution for 35.00 pesos for a pocket size. For a year usage span, this pair is quite cheaper compared to the one that you can get in the mall that is 795.00/Pair. Other online shop sell a pair for 350.00-450.00/Pair

Softness and Comfortability
Crystal Contact Lenses are soft lenses. It is thin, but wouldn't easily break. You can actually feel almost nothing while wearing them. The longest that you could wear them for a day is 8 hours straight, with the drops of solution every time that you'll feel like your eyes is drying. As for me, I rarely feel the drying so I rarely use eye drops. 

I am planning to use this lens for my upcoming cosplays [Rin Tohsaka of Fate Sta Night in particular] I needed a good color of blue, not too vibrant but still visible in the eye of the camera, so I think this is best suited for my cosplan. 

Since it is only 14.2mm, and since I am after a more natural look, this size is perfect for me. I don't want that dolly eye look, so a 14mm-14.5mm is a good choice for me. 

To summarize it all, Crystal Contact Lenses are safe to use, very comfortable considering it is a soft lens, very affordable, readily available through online purchase, and has the perfect size if you are after the more natural look. 

Would I recommend the use of this product? Definitely.
If you are looking for budget-friendly contact lens that is readily available, this brand is a good to go for me. 


Here's more picture of me wearing the contact lens.

So that's it for today. If you have worn a  pair of Crystal Contact Lenses too, feel free to share the link of your pictures and/or reviews on the comment section below, and I'll check it out! 

Thank you for reading. Til next time!

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