[Life] She's just... a girl.

December 05, 2016

Maybe you're not supposed to have your life figured out by the time you turn twenty, maybe you are supposed to enjoy life while you are in your twenties. 

Maybe you're supposed to be looking for what would make you happy and not look for what would stress you every day.

 Maybe you're supposed to be lost.. Lost in whatever life has to offer. And you should just be ready to take it all in.

And maybe you're supposed to take a step backward to be able to move forward.

And maybe you're supposed to be ready to fall down, so you would know how it feels like when someone catches you on the other side at times when you thought you're falling apart. 

And maybe things are meant to get lost along the way, and maybe you're supposed to take a step backward so you can let everything fall into place without realizing it in the process.

So take it all in. Stop rushing yourself. Stop doubting yourself. Be hopeful, and one day, you will be where you are supposed to be.. in a place where you are just plain happy.

Photo credits to Kei Aveunalliv of ViSUAL ArTELiER Keiaveunalliv
For more photos, please check out her Flickr account on this [link].

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