[Food Review] Arisoo Korean & Japanese Resto

December 06, 2016

Are you looking for the next place to eat Korean and Japanese food in the Metro? Well, how about you try this amazing restaurant in the middle of the busy shopping center Cartimar? 

Exact Address: Cartimar, Pasay 
Contact Number: 
(02) 822 2641
Facebook Page: 
Arisoo Korean and Japanese Restaurant

1. If you have your own car, just input the exact name of the place on your waze and follow the direction.
2. If you are not much of a commuter, just go book a ride from Uber or Grab. For this trip, we decided to book an UberX. It is 2PM on a Tuesday afternoon so this is the best fare we've got:
♥ OTW - P259 split to 4 Persons
♥ OTWH - P216 split to 4 Persons 
3. And if ever you decided to commute your way: You can check this [LINK].

So this is all the food that we decided to order + the Kim Bob Maki.

According to my friend Ian, who ordered the Udon, he tasted other Udon and this one tasted okay. Wasn't the best but wasn't a waste of money for a Hundred Peso. 

This Jap Che Bob is like the Udon, may not stand out but you actually get the taste that you pay for. 

THE FAVORITE [Highly Recommended] 
This Beef Bulgogi is one of the tastiest Bulgogi I've had. If you like the Bulgogi of Tokyo Tokyo, you'll like this one better. The taste of the beef and seasoning will melt in your mouth. It is the sweet and sour mouth-watering taste that will rest in your mouth for a little while. I would also recommend trying out this meal.  

This Kim Bob isn't anything special. It is very affordable, but the taste isn't something that you would always crave for. At least, not for us.   

This is how I eat my Sam Gyup Sal. Dip, Add the KimChi, Wrap it in Lettuce. Eat and Enjoy. 
This dish right here is my favorite. This is the only reason that I have been going back to this place for months now. I have tried different Korean Restaurant in Manila and this is so far the best Sam Gyup Sal I have ever tasted. The bacon isn't too salty, and the kimchi and the lettuce would actually balance the taste. Plus, they are serving the lettuce fresh. To be honest, one order isn't enough for me so I had to order another one and finish it all by myself. I know. Food is life, baby! 

Now, I present to you, the rest of the menu:


These are the photos that I took with my phone of the interior of the place. It is a normal Korean & Japanese Resto set-up. You wouldn't actually feel that you are in Korean nor Japan, but you will enjoy the food and that is something I am sure of.

These tables are open for reservation. This one right here is good for 6 persons. A place you can actually have  an enjoyable time with your family and friends, in a public place with a little privacy for your group.

While this one little room is good for 10-12 persons who would want to enjoy a good bonding with friends and family or a business meeting.


Food [taste over price]: 3.8/5
While the rest of the food on the menu weren't exceptional, the price could actually justify the taste. You would get the kind of food that you pay for. They have their main dish that in my honest opinion were totally worth it. 

Place [location and ventilation]: 4/5
It is indeed within Metro Manila which is very accessible for me who is currently staying in Sampaloc, the air conditioning of the place is really good. You might actually want to bring a sweater or cardigan when you visit because it is really cold in there even on summer season. 

Plus, this is in Cartimar, you could actually do some window shopping of pets, shoes and clothes just right around the corner! 

And oh, they have a really clean rest-room.

Service: 5/5
The waitress are very kind and approachable. You can actually just raise your hand to call their attention and they'll serve you right away! And they serve unlimited kimchi. ❤ 

Would I recommend this place and the food? DEFINITELY! This place is a must try. It is budget friendly, accessible and the food is delicious! 


When you visit this place, please make sure to bring your best of friends with you so you can share a good meal with great friends. It is a good experience to cherish with the people you value and love! 

Here are some more pictures of me and my friends enjoying a great lunch at Arisoo.

And that asian kid who would do everything to take a good instagramable picture of the food before you eat it. Hahaha. Love you, Ian! 


So, what do you think? Give me your thoughts and share us your experience at Arisoo by dropping by at the comment section. 

Thank you for reading, and have a great day! 

DISCLAIMER: This is not a paid review. I did not get anything in return to make this review. I made it solely for the purpose of writing a good review at a good restaurant.

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