Cosplay Tips: Budget and Expenses

December 05, 2015

Kuroyukihime Cosplay by Ann | Photo by Ruichi Realista of Sidelight Images
Good day everyone! Today's entry is about cosplay expenses and how much should you expect on spending in a full set costume. I figured that an entry like this is very much needed in the Cosplay Community in the Philippines since there's a lot of new cosplayers out there who's clueless about these things. Let's get started!

EOS Dolly Gray (P380.00 from Serendipity Btq)
We all know that one way or another we'll need to wear a pair of contact lenses that is, if we are targeting accuracy on our cosplays. Here's the price-list for the most affordable contact lenses in the market.

Price: P160.00-P500.00
Usage Span: 1 month to 1 Year
Market: Online Shops or your Local Optical Shop such as EO

Price: P300.00-P550.00
Usage Span: 1 month to 1 Year
Market: Online Shops

For mall shop prices it will range from P380.00-P980.00 depending on the brand and the usage span.

Price: P350.00-P600.00
Usage Span: 1 month to 1 year
Market: Online Shops (These are not available in the malls)

These prices I mentioned might include the shipping fee, depending on the shop you would want to get your items from. But please take note that lenses amounting to P350 and below DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING FEES.
They might include lens cases and pocket solutions, but it is up to the shop owners if they would include it in the package.
Serendipity Btq

Queen Titania Asuna Cosplay by Ann | Photo by Alec Egido

You see, there are a lot of kinds of wigs you can find in the market. So I will try to elaborate them in a manner that is easier to understand and be dealt with when it comes to decision making.

CLASS A - These wigs can be found in Divisoria amounting to P200-P700 depending on the length. Short ones can be bought for P200-P350. Medium length wigs can be bought for P300-P550. And long wigs can be bought for P450-P700.

There are also wigs that you can find in the malls that are class A. You can tell that these are class A because of the texture and appearance. Here's the characteristics of the class A wigs:
  • Shiny
  • Easily tangled
  • Thin
  • You can see the scalp

These wigs are the good types, the one you can used for cosplays. The prices may vary depending on the wig brand, length, and the quality of course.

Price Range depending on the length and brand:
Short: P700-P900
Medium: P800-P950
Long: P900-1,300
Clip Ons: P1,300-P2,000

The cheap brands are the following: VRC or Vogue Royal Cosplay Wigs, Misaki, Alice, CosplayC, Kucos, L-Email. The ones that are a bit expensive but has a good quality are the following Lucaille, Grand Young, Purple Wings. The really good ones and the expensive ones are as follows- TSN or The Second Nachname, Ayanamatsuri.

  • They have laces and hooks for your wigs adjustment
  • Thick
  • Doesn't get easily tangled
  • Manageable
  • Not shiny
  • Looks like a wig, but you wouldn't look like a trying hard wearing it


These wigs aren't really used in cosplay as much as I've known for the last two years. I don't see anyone buying P4,500-P8,000 worth of human hair wigs just to use it for cosplays. These wigs are usually used by people who has cancer, leukemia or any disease that may cause you to lose your hair. These wigs are really expensive and are hard to find.


Finding the right costume and the right costume maker is the hardest part when completing your costume. There's  a lot of cosplay shop around the market that is legit but would either get as much money as they can get from you, and the quality wouldn't be worth it, some would be low quality and low price. I just hope this part would be the most helpful for all my readers.

Price: P700-P1,500
Price will depend on the design, fabric and what is included in the costume. A costume that includes the top, skirt, a tie or a ribbon would amount to P700-P1,200. Additional coat would cost you P300-P700 depending on how hard it is to make and how detailed it is.

Price: P1,000-P2,000
Same with the seifuku, the price will depend on the design, fabric and what is included in the costume.

Price: P800-P2,000
Again, these will depend on the design, fabric and what is included in the costume.

Price: P1,500-endless amount
When I say detailed these are the costumes that will require 3 or more different types of fabrics, laces, and other details that you may find in the costume. Most fabrics for these types of costumes are very expensive. Around P100 and up per yard.

These are just the basics that you would need to know about costume expenses. As much as I would like to give you every detail I know, one post wouldn't be enough to cover it all. So if you happen to have any question, just comment down or message me and I'll be willing to help you.

I hope this post would help most of my fellow cosplayers out there. If you happen to have a question, just comment on this post or leave a message on my facebook accounts, and I'll be happy to answer it for you.

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